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What is The Weekly Hook?

Outside of the large, seasonal arcs of Serially Hooked, The Weekly Hook, our podcast within a podcast, delves into new corners of the pop-culture spectrum that we are hooked on at any given moment. These episodes are one-off shows that your hosts Chris and Rashaad take turns leading on media that they want to share with each other. A fluid and casual conversation, The Weekly Hook gives space for new formats, guests and so much more!



Genius composer for most of the animated films by Hayao Miyazaki


Apple TV’s smash comedy hit that aired its first season in 2020


Prestige 2022 AppleTV+ drama about work, life and so much more.

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Join us for the ultimate film awards show of the year. Once again, Chris and Rashaad are back to recap their favorite achievements in cinema. Join us for all the fun by clicking below.