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Do you love role-playing games? Have you never held a die in your hand? Either way, this adventure is for you! Join us on Serially Hooked: D&D as we go on an epic journey through lands reserved for the legendary tales of history. For the first time, Serially Hooked is creating its own story. With Chris DM’ing and Alex and Adam joining, there nothing we can not do. In fact, here is a list of things we CAN do:

  • go on a murdering rampage
  • wed a dragon*
  • hug an owlbear
  • make friends with a wolfspider and finally feel like your life has meaning

Meet The Adventurers

Presenting our band of might heroes! Join Hedwig, the Red Man and A.H.O.Y. as they traverse space and time unknown.

& the One DM to rule them all

Honestly, look at this image. Do I need to say anymore?

Things Are Better With Friends

Serially Hooked: D&D welcomes two more people to the podcast! Adam and Alex join as players to help you (and Rashaad) navigate the world of D&D. When you have questions, they have answers! We may not know where we’re going, but with Chris as DM and friends guiding along the way, we are bound to succeed.


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*wedding a dragon may not be available in your local state or territory, including but not limited to: Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and/or Tennessee. Please refer to your local restrictions for more information. This information is provided as a hypothetical scenario, the inclusion of which does not imply Serially Hooked: D&D endorses or approves of bestiality in any form. Rights or restrictions may apply.

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