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Star Wars

Join us as we travel a galaxy far, far away.

Why Star Wars?

Star Wars: ever heard of it?

Chris and Rashaad, obsessed with fantasy from a young age, felt it was only right to begin Serially Hooked with their favorite space opera. Star Wars, a saga that spans over 40 years of film and television history, has helped shape modern cinema by pushing the boundaries of what has been possible on the screen. With overt references to politics, religion, economics and more, it is as much a reflection of society as it is a fantasy. No story has captured the imagination of more people across generations of fans from around the world. In each Serially Hooked: Star Wars episode we hope to discuss the nitty gritty details with reference to the wider canon and so much more. From hunting for Meiloorun on Lothal to Jedi council meetings, we're hooked on it all!

What will we talk about?

Unlike many Star Wars podcasts, Serially Hooked will delve into the Star Wars television shows, a reflection of a new generation of Star Wars defined by the small screen. Follow along as we explore the furthest corners of the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars:
The Clone Wars
Star Wars:
The Bad Batch
Star Wars Rebels
The Mandalorian

Serially Hooked: Star Wars will explore these Star Wars TV shows and many more!

Clone Wars Watchlist

Want to watch Star Wars: Clone Wars along with us? We will be skipping some episodes as we go through the run of the show (even amazing things have some imperfections). Check out our watchlist to see what episodes we will cover.

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