Clone Wars Watchlist

by Serially Hooked

Check out our official unofficial Star Wars: Clone Wars watchlist! Here you will find a list of all the Clone Wars episodes Chris and Rashaad will watch together and discuss on the Serially Hooked podcast. Unfortunately, not all parts of the Clone Wars series are perfect, so we will be skipping some episodes in places. To know exactly which episodes we will and won’t be watching, keep up with us on our watchlist below!

Clone Wars Season 1

Episode 11: “Dooku Captured”

Hot on Dooku’s tail, Anakin and Obi-Wan learn that Count Dooku, leader of the separatists and Sith Lord, has been captured by our favorite pirate, Hondo Ohnaka.

Episode 12: “The Gungan General”

Jar Jar (Why George Lucas??) is sent to negotiate the ransom of Dooku and our heroes. Of course, ridiculousness ensues… What’s the text equivalent of a face-palm emoji?

Episode 13: “Jedi Crash”

Narrowly escaping a battle, Ahsoka and an injured Anakin are stranded on a remote planet. The planet is inhabited by the Lurmen, a village of people who are only a potato famine away from being unabashedly Irish.

Episode 14: “Defenders of Peace”

…of course the separatists show up. Defend the village everyone!

Episode 15: “Trespass”

On an icey moon in the Pantora system, Anakin and Obi-Wan look into a missing clone battalion. SUPRISE! The moon is inhabited and the locals aren’t too happy. #givemechuchiorgivemedeath

Episode 19: “Storm over Ryloth”

A collection of our heroes try to aid the Twi’lek resistance to a droid invasion. But they have to get past a blockade first!

Episode 20: “Innocents of Ryloth”

Obi-Wan and a small group of clones try to take out a supercharged separatist weapon. Of course, the separatists are using human shields – cause they’re dicks like that…

Episode 21: “Liberty on Ryloth”

Mace Windu teams up with freedom fighter Cham Syndulla to lead an effort to recapture the capital city on Ryloth. Did I mention the freedom fighters ride Blurrgs?

Episode 22: “Hostage Crisis”

Cad Bane, a walking Clint Eastwood stereotype, takes senators hostage! It’s up to Anakin to save them.

Clone Wars Season 2

Episode 1: “Holocron Heist”

Cad Bane and his team of bad dudes try to break into the Jedi Temple to steal a Holocron. How rude!

Episode 2: “Cargo of Doom”

Ahsoka and Anakin chase after Cad Bane in an attempt to rescue Master Bolla Ropal. Can they reach him in time??

Episode 3: “Children of the Force”

Children from around the galaxy are at risk! Darth Sidious is up to no good again. When’s the last time you think he got some?

Episode 4: “Senate Spy”

The Jedi council asks Padmé to investigate their hunch that there’s a spy in the Senate. Cause 1000 Jedi’s aren’t enough.

Episode 5: “Landing at Point Rain”

Back on Geonosis! (Sorry to bring back bad memories) This time, Ahsoka, Anakin and Obi-Wan try to destroy a droid factory.

Episode 6: “Weapons Factory”

Ahsoka and fellow padawan Barriss Offee break into a droid factory while their Masters get showcase their different teaching styles.

Episode 7: “Legacy of Terror”

The team loses contact with Luminara Unduli – they go deep into the Geonosian catacombs to look for her. Creeeepppyyyyy

Episode 8: “Brain Invaders”

Ahsoka and Barriss must fight off a pack of Geonosian brain worms as they take control of their ship. Yes, I said “brain worms”

Episode 9: “Grievous Intrigue”

Anakin and Obi-Wan devise a way to get their fellow Jedi Eeth Koth out from under the grips of General Grievous. Why do the Jedi keep getting captured??

Episode 10: “The Deserter”

Rex meets a clone deserter. What? didn’t think that was possible? Then watch to see what happens 😛

Episode 11: “Lightsaber Lost”

Some asshole on Coruscant steals Ahsoka’s light saber. People are the worst.

Episode 12: “The Mandalore Plot”

MANDALORE!!!! Do you need to know more?

Episode 13: “Voyage of Temptation”

The Duchess of Mandalore is on the way to Coruscant with some senators to give a speech for independence. But of course things go awry. We wouldn’t have a plot otherwise.

Episode 14: “Duchess of Mandalore”

Satine and Obi-Wan investigate what’s going on with Death Watch. Meanwhile, it’s clear they have the hots for each other. I ship it SO hard

Episode 15: “Senate Murders”

Senator Farr is murdered! It’s up to Padmé to search for the killer. Cause their investigator is useless…

Episode 16: “Cat and Mouse”

The first chronological episode of The Clone Wars, Anakin and Obi-Wan attempt to send humanitarian aid but are blocked by a Separatist blockade.

Episode 17: “Bounty Hunters”

Ahsoka, Anakin, and Obi-Wan, help a team of four bounty hunters defend a village from pirates who are stealing their crops. 7 warriors defending a village… sound familiar?

Episode 20: “Death Trap”

A group of child clone cadets board a cruiser, but looks like one of them has something out for Mace and the Jedi. I wonder who it could be?

Episode 21: “R2 Come Home”

Anakin and Mace, stuck in the wreckage of their star destroyer rely on R2 to get help and save them. R2 is a BOSS!

Episode 22: “Lethal Trackdown”

Ahsoka and Plo Koon investigate a group of bounty hunters. Their investigation takes them to Florum, yes, back to Hoooondoooo Oooohnaaaakaaaa!!!

Clone Wars Season 3

Episode 1: “Clone Cadets”

Follow Domino squad as they go through their final exam to try and become Clone Troopers! This exam ain’t a walk in the park.

Episode 2: “ARC Troopers”

Separatist General Grievous and Asajj Ventress launch an attack on Kamino, the home planet of the clones. The NERVE! It’s up to Anakin and Obi-Wan to teach them some manners.

Episode 3: “Supply Lines”

Humanitarian Crisis on Ryloth! It’s up to Bail Organa and Jar Jar (ugh) to negotiate help from the Toydarian king, but here comes the Trade Federation to crash the party!

Episode 4: “Sphere of Influence”

The new Chairman of Pantora’s daughters are captured by Greedo (yes, THAT Greedo). Ahsoka and Senator Chuchi investigate. OMG Chuchi is back!! I’m giddy…

Episode 5: “Corruption”

Back to Mandalore! This time the black market and corruption run the economy. Can Padmé and Satin find out who’s behind it?

Episode 6: “The Academy”

Ahsoka teaches a group of Mandalorian children to defy their elders and overthrow the government. Who knew Ahsoka was such an anarchist?

Episode 7: “Assassin”

Ahsoka has visions of Padmé being assassinated. The two go together to Alderaan as Padmé and just kick ass. #girlpower

Episode 9: “Hunt for Ziro”

Obi-Wan and walking new-wave hippie Quinlan Vos travel to the Hutt planet, Nal Hutta in search of Ziro, who escaped prison in Coruscant.

Episode 10: “Heroes on Both Sides”

Ahsoka and Padmé (I’m loving this pairing) travel across enemy lines and negotiate the Separatists. GASP! O-O

Episode 11: “Pursuit of Peace”

Senators Organa, Amidala, and Farr work together to try and stop a bill to buy millions of new clones. But politics is hard. Tell that to Congress…

Episode 12: “Nightsisters”

Dooku betrays our favorite dark-side assassin Assajj Ventress. GASP! She goes home to Dathomir and attempts to get revenge.

Episode 13: “Monster”

Feeling vulnerable, Dooku orders a new, OP bodyguard from Mother Talzin. His name…. well … let’s just say it might be the most creative name in all of Star Wars.

Episode 14: “Witches of the Mist”

Dooku trains Savage Oppress (AKA Billy Bob), Ventress attempts to enact her revenge and Savage goes wild. Was this all a part of Mother Talzin’s plan?

Episode 15: “Overlords”

Anakin, Ahsoka and Obiwan (the real holy trinity?) get trapped on a funky force planet, Mortis. Anakin gets put to the test to see if he really is the chosen one.

Episode 16: “Alter of Mortis”

The Son kidnaps Ahsoka and infects her with the Dark Side. HOW DARE YOU? GET THE F***K OUT OF HERE

Episode 17: “Ghosts of Mortis”

Anakin confronts his future as (spoiler alert) Darth Vader. The saga on Mortis finally ends.

Episode 18: “The Citadel”

Master Even Piell is captured with vital hyperspace lane information. He is held on the legendary Citadel. Our heroes break in to free him (and a surprising familiar face)

Episode 19: “Counterattack”

Getting in was the easy part. Now it’s time to escape. Let’s be honest, that could be the heading almost any action films.

Episode 20: “Citadel Rescue”

Our heroes struggle to get to a rendezvous point to meet a Republic extraction attempt. Its their last hope for getting off the planet.

Episode 21: “Padawan Lost”

Some D**K kidnapped Ahsoka to hunt her for sport. Apparently this wasn’t the first Padawan to be captured. I’m not liking this trend of Ahsoka getting captured…

Episode 22: “Wookie Hunt”

Ahoksa lead a rag-tag team of Padawans in an attempt to escape. In their efforts they run into the galaxy’s favourite Wookie! (I’ll give you one guess as to who it is)

Clone Wars Season 4

Episode 1: “Water War”

Anakin, Padmé and Ahsoka go to Mon Cala after the King is assassinated. The Quarren Rebel and an all out war for the planet ensues. IS THAT A TRAP???

Episode 2: “Gungan Attack”

The war is going badly, so the republic call on THE GUNGANS??

Episode 3: “Prisoners”

Prince Lee-Char gets some courage and actually does some shit to try and unite his world. Oh, did I mention Ahsoka’s there to show him what’s what?

Episode 7: “Darkness on Umbara”


Episode 8: “The General”

General Krell is an asshole who doesn’t give a shit about the lives of Clones.

Episode 9: “Plan of Dissent”

The Clones under Krell get more and more frustrated and take it in their own hands to turn the tide of battle.

Episode 10: “Carnage of Krell”

Krell crosses the line. The clones have had enough. OMG UMBARA!

Episode 11: “Kidnapped”

Our heroes go to investigate a mysterious disappearance on the planet Kiros. Apparently there is still slavery in the galaxy.

Episode 12: “Slaves of the Republic”

Ahsoka, Anakin and Obi-Wan infiltrate Zyggeria (yes, you read that right) to try and find the missing Togruta colonists.

Episode 13: “Escape from Kadavo”

All enslaved, our heroes go on separate journeys trying to escape captivity. SURPRISE! Dooku shows up…

Episode 14: “A Friend in Need”

Lux FUCKING Bonteri is back. This time he needs Ahsoka’s help. More than he knows…

Episode 15: “Deception”

Obi-Wan is killed! Naaah, not really. He fakes his death and goes undercover as a Bounty Hunter. Too bad no one told Anakin…

Episode 16: “Friends and Enemies”

Undercover Obi-Wan and Cad Bane have a dick-measuring contest as Anakin chases them for the “murder” of his master.

Episode 17: “The Box”

Dooku! Again?? This time he organizes a series of challenges designed by ….Moralo Eval…. to choose the best bounty hunters for a secret mission on Naboo.

Episode 18: “Crisis on Naboo”

The Chancellor is in danger! Who will rise up to save him?

Episode 19: “Massacre”

Dooku commands Grievous to attack and slaughter the Night Sisters on Dathomir. But Mother Talzin has a few tricks up her sleeve.

Episode 20: “Bounty”

Assajj Ventress joins Boba Fett and a team of bounty hunters on a job on an underground train. Space ninjas show up to foil their plan. Do I need to say more?

Episode 21: “Brothers”

Savage Opress (AKA Billy Bob) searches for his long-lost brother. But who is it? And is he alive??

Episode 22: “Revenge”

Billy Bob and ………omfg he’s back!…… chase Obi-Wan to get revenge. Ventress shows up and fucks things up. But fucks it up for whom?

Clone Wars Season 5

Episode 1: “Revival”

Maul and Billy Bob try to turn pirates against Hondo Ohnaka. How ill Hondo respond and who will help him??

Episode 2: “A War on Two Fronts”

Rebels on Onderon fight for their freedom from Separatist control. The Jedi send help to train them in their efforts.

Episode 3: “Front Runners”

The rebels start to make moves in the Capital. They elect Steela Gerrera as their leader. #girlpower

Episode 4: “The Soft War”

The Separatists tighten their grip on the planet as the old king is mixed up in the mess. But who will help the rebels succeed?

Episode 5: “Tipping Points”

War has broken out! The Onderon rebels are on the run and guess who comes bearing gifts? Our boy HONDOOOO.

Episode 6: “The Gathering”

Baby Jedi go find their Kyber Crystals to make their own light sabers. Who knew a Wooki jedi could be so cute???

Episode 7: “A Test of Strength”

The children and Ahsoka are attacked by Pirates! dafuk Hondo??

Episode 8: “Bound for Rescue”

With Ahsoka captured and Obi-Wan unable to help, it’s up to the children to free their Jedi mentor. Can they do it??

Episode 9: “A Necessary Bond”

Grievous shows up on Florum and invades the planet. Hondo teams up with our friends to try and escape.

Episode 14: “Eminence”

Maul and Death Watch form an alliance to gain power across the galaxy. Are there two better suited for one another??

Episode 15: “Shades of Reason”

Bitches attack Mandalore. How DARE THEY?

Episode 16: “The Lawless”

Obi-Wan comes to the rescue, but can he save everyone in time??

Episode 17: “Sabotage”

Someone bombed the Jedi temple! Anakin and Ahsoka are brought into investigate.

Episode 18: “The Jedi Who Knew Too Much”

Ahsoka is framed for the murder of a prisoner and clone troopers. She is forced to try and escape.

Episode 19: “To Catch a Jedi”

Ahsoka, now believed to be the mastermind behind the bombing is chased through the lower levels of Coruscant as she tries to prove her innocence.

Episode 20: “The Wrong Jedi”

The Jedi are a bunch of loser bitches and Ahsoka is too good for them.

Clone Wars Season 6

Coming Soon!

Clone Wars Season 7

Coming Soon!

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